Commissioners Deny City on Tabor Disconnect

By Midge Pierce   In a stunning tour de force, the Historic Landmark Commission denied the City’s application to disconnect Mt. Tabor’s reservoirs from Portland’s drinking water supplies. The three dissenting votes that split the decision turned on the lack of a clear plan for deferred maintenance that has allowed […]

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Robust Road Debate Rocks Council Resolve

By Don MacGillivray   The search for badly- needed Portland street funding is finished for now, but it is not over. At the final public hearings before City Council on January 8, it was clear that much more work still remains to be done. Now, since the Oregon legislature is […]

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Addressing the Issues Impacting the People

The In It Together Community Summit, is Saturday, February 28, at the Ambridge Center, 1333 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. from 8 am to 5 pm Neighbors, friends, activists and community groups will work together to impact public policy, strengthen relationships, and build community and there’ll be workshops and […]

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Build and they will critique

By Midge Pierce   Opinions about Division St. are as widespread as the head-spinning transformation of the corridor. To determine what is and isn’t working, The Division Design Committee Initiative (DDC) has collected comment cards from old and new residents as well as visitors along the street. Comments range from […]

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In Search of the Perfect Highway Tax

By Don MacGillivray   The issue of devising a better way to fund and care for highways will be ongoing until it is satisfactorily solved. All levels of government are concerned with this challenge and a federal response is likely to lead the way. Road-use fees are based on miles […]

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The Way We Were and What’s Next for Portland

Age distribution in Portland

By Karen Hery   Government employees and citizen groups deeply involved in the development of Portland’s Comprehensive Plan have been pouring over community statistics detailing shifts from 1980 until now for well over a year. Their goal in all that reflection on the past is to help predict and shape […]

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