Neighbors Press for Moratorium on Demolition

By Midge Pierce A resident near the SE 50th corridor, a recent target of development between Hawthorne and Division, says he has a solution to unrestrained growth. He is calling for the City to impose at least a six-month moratorium on some 200 living units planned for development along the […]

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Local Citizen Challenges Water Bureaus Land Use Application

By Nancy Tannler Over the years The Southeast Examiner has printed several editorials by Mark Bartlett concerning questionable land use decisions made by The Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) and The City concerning Mt. Tabor Park and surplus school properties. (See Scrutinizing PWB application process, January 2015). Bartlett, along with […]

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Demolitions now require advance notice

By Midge Pierce A 35-day prior notification and delay procedure is one result of the City’s new demolition regulations that took effect April 20. The delay can be expanded to 60 days if demolition alternatives are actively being pursued. These latest requirements are generally considered a compromise even by the […]

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Fifty-Six Years of Urban Renewal in Portland

By Don MacGillivray The Portland Development Commission (PDC), created in the 1958 by the voters, is one of the most powerful and controversial public entities in Portland. Originally charged with renewing deteriorating neighborhoods with the intent of providing decent homes and suitable livings for every family, over the years its […]

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Parking Squeeze in CEID

New zoning code begins in May 2015

By Nancy Tannler The SE Quadrant Plan is refining new policies to help guide development in the Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID). It is an element of the Central City Plan 2035 which will be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan which is currently being updated. There is a lot of […]

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Division Design Initiative Disputes Rapid Development

By Midge Pierce Stats don’t begin to describe the impact of development in SE Portland. But they do prove what many are experiencing: drastically altered neighborhoods. Within the Hawthorne, Belmont, Division so-called Town Center, 443 permits have been pulled for mixed use development since 2005. Most have been issued within […]

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