Triumph and Tears Tag Trees

Weekly protests on Clinton St.

By Midge Pierce As residents of Eastmoreland celebrate the preservation of three majestic sequoias in their neighborhood, a mile away, Richmond neighbors continue their vigil beside two Douglas Firs left standing on a corner lot that until recently boasted a large walnut, a sister fir and a stand of fruit-bearing […]

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SE Updates October 2015

Mt. Tabor Reservoir Disconnection October marks the beginning of disconnection of Mt. Tabor’s reservoirs from Portland’s drinking water. Portland Water Bureau (PWB) reports that exploratory excavation known as potholing will begin in designated work areas to enable contractor James W. Fowler to determine the size and depth of pipes, valves and other […]

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Squeeky Wheels on 50th

By Midge Pierce Construction is solidly underway at 50th and Division where a four-story apartment building is rising.  With 134 units, it will have 119 studios, 13 one bedrooms and two, two bedrooms along with 40 parking spaces. Another four-story apartment project proposed at 5030 SE Stephens St. has yet […]

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Relief from Graffiti is a Fall Focus

Volunteers removing graffiti on Steele Bridge

By Karen Hery It’s not just parents that breath a sigh of relief when kids are back in school. Graffiti clean up coordinators get a break from the peak season for tagging and a chance to regroup. Summer months with long days and less organized activities for youth create more opportunities […]

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Comprehensive Plan for Portland’s Future

By Don MacGillivray The Comprehensive Plan will guide Portland’s land-use development and facility investment decisions over the next twenty years. It is critical that the Plan influence other non-public organizations either through cooperation or regulation. To fulfill the urban visions for Portland as described in the Plan, the City relies […]

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Where to Live Next

By Midge Pierce Portland may be a mecca for the young, but nearly a fourth of its population is over fifty. Most strive for a vibrant, active lifestyle. Few are prepared for the challenges that come with growing older. Portland’s aging population, like its younger counterparts, is hit hard by […]

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