Locally Famous: Less is More

Reuben Deumling and his daughter

By Nancy Tannler   Living in Europe and America during Reuben Deumling’s formative years has given him  a broad perspective on life’s possibilities. A productive member of the community, even without every trapping of modern technology, he has taken the word sustainability to heart. Sunnyside is fortunate to have this [...]

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Local independent film maker

Aaron Katz, co-director Marthat Stephens, and actor Earl Lynn Nelson on location in Iceland

By Midge Pierce   Positive reviews continue to pour in for Land Ho!, a newly released independent film by Portland native Aaron Katz. From The New York Times to local art mags, the film is praised for its charm, authenticity and magical touch. This is the fourth film by Katz, [...]

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The Rubble Within

The Markham House

By Midge Pierce   The greenest house is an existing house. Lost in the din over demolition is the environmental cost of razing homes. Carbon is stored in the timber and materials of older homes, but it is expended in the harvesting of fresh resources, the manufacturing and delivery of [...]

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Tony Starlight Showroom to open off Hawthorne

Tony Starlight

By J. Michael Kearsey   The emerging lower Hawthorne Entertainment District is about to get quite a bit more entertaining. In August, the Tony Starlight Showroom opens at 1125 SE Madison beside the newish Mad Sons Restaurant, for weekend theme shows that have been so successful on Sandy Blvd. for [...]

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Because neighborhoods matter, change the code

By Don MacGillivray   Portland’s small town feel and the friendliness of its citizens are a major plus for our city due in part to our neighborhoods. Public safety and physical appearance were major drivers behind the creation of the neighborhood association system. The crime prevention situation has improved greatly [...]

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Seen at 28th and SE Madison
Epworth United Methodist Church 1333 SE 28th Ave)
By Amy Stahl

If you photograph an interesting sight on the eastside of Portland and want to share it with our readers, send it to us and we’ll print it in our new Spotted photo section. It can be a person, place or thing. Send photos to: examiner@inseportland.com. Include a brief description and [...]

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