Locally Famous: volunteering for life

Jean Baker

By Nancy Tannler   Anyone who has read a copy of The Southeast Examiner in the past eighteen years will probably recognize the name of Jean Baker. A tireless participant in the microcosm of local government, she has chaired  neighborhood and business associations, was the President of the APBNA (now [...]

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Tiny houses for affordability and social conscience

AKTIV by ideabox. Picture courtesy of ideabox.us

By Don MacGillivray   Portland is considering offering low-income residents and the homeless “tiny houses” that are safe, clean and inexpensive places to live so folks may be able to get off the street and into decent housing. Each night more than 2,000 people sleep outside under bridges, on streets, [...]

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A treasury of used books for sale

Anthology Booksellers owner Gary Wilkie

By Midge Pierce   Anthology Booksellers is Portland’s newest used bookstore, where time stands still as you wile away an afternoon, discover a rare first edition or spring for a signed Henry Miller. “The store is an extension of my library,” says owner Gary Wilkie. Lucky library. Wilkie doesn’t know [...]

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Presents of Mind – 25 years on Hawthorne

Presents of Mind – 25 years  on Hawthorne

Portland’s iconic Presents of Mind, 3633 SE Hawthorne Blvd. celebrated 25 years in business on Oct 1. In honor of this momentous achievement for the family-owned business, they invite you to the 25th annual Holiday open house (with refreshments and a prize walk) November 8 and 9. It’s a chance [...]

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Mysterious undergarments create magical results

Tami Pruett, owner of The Foundation

By Nancy Tannler   Feeling glamorous every once in awhile is part of the fun of existence for many women and men. The definition of glamour changes with the times, but one component remains constant: the curvaceous form of a female figure. Tami Pruett, owner of The Foundation, 4831 SE [...]

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League of Woman Voters – Government in Our Daily Lives

By Andrew Wilkins   Portland’s commission form of government is rare and has its weaknesses, but after eight public votes over 100 years, a panel of local government said the system and isn’t likely to change anytime soon. A panel discussion on the form of government was sponsored by the [...]

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