New legislation starts here at Sunnyside

Representative Rob Nosse with s percipitatedchool children who testified in favor of HB 2605

By Karen Hery “You never know where things will lead” is an understatement for first and second grade teacher Michelle Stobel and a group of students at Sunnyside Environmental School. The enthusiastic energy of this group of school kids helped Representative  Rob Nosse, District 42, phase out the school district’s use […]

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Mirador… Kitchenware, Gifts, Community!

Steve and Lynn Hanrahan

By Michelle Frost Once upon a time, a massage therapist and a corporate software technician dreamed of owning a store that would offer ‘healthy kitchen’ solutions to the community.  In 1999 that dream came true and Mirador opened in their first location at SE Market & 11th Streets.   Owners […]

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Rails and roads connecting people to jobs

By Midge Pierce Love or curse it, growth has come to Southeast Portland. And with growth, new transportation projects follow. Most notably, the Portland-Milwaukie high capacity light rail line is readying for its September inauguration and the opening of the Tilikum Crossing Bridge of the People, the largest car-free transit […]

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Freemasonry in Oregon

Freemasonry in  Oregon

By Roland Lakey There are secret societies meeting all over Oregon, many right here in Portland.  Some have been here for more than 100 years.  And they are growing all the time. Don’t worry though.  Despite old rumors that they are going to take over the world, Oregon Freemasons are […]

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Movie Madness: A Museum of Movie History

Movie Madness  at 4320 SE Belmont

By Michelle Frost At first glance, it’s a small, unassuming building, perched on the corner of Belmont & 43rd Streets.  The marquis reads, “Portland’s landmark video store with over 90,000 rentals and growing.” Parking is usually easy, on the street or in the lot beside the building.  Customers come and […]

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The Long Road to Equity

By Don MacGillivray For many years the disadvantaged and diverse members of our community have not had an effective voice in the civic affairs of the Portland. There have been long standing challenges and dissatisfaction with police activities in some communities, our schools, difficulties in finding well-paying jobs, displacement, and […]

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