Celebrate National Poetry Month with a gift of Poetry Pottery

Daniel Peccia at his Poetry Pottery Box

By Michelle Frost   Daniel Peccia started making tile to remodel a fireplace. “That’s where it all started,” he tells me, pointing to the fireplace in his living room. “When we bought the house, the chimney was falling off the wall and there was a piece of paneling covering it. […]

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Mother Nature Will Save Us If We Help Her

By Don MacGillivray The world increasingly talks about Climate Change and Global Warming, yet rarely is the story completely told. The basic problem is the excessive release of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere from a variety of sources. Many sources of CO2 emissions are natural and they account for nearly […]

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Rahab–a gathering place for women

By Michelle Frost When the doors open at 7 pm, volunteers greet the women who are lined-up and waiting to enter.  Not only a Drop-in center for clothing, supplies and a hot meal, Rahab’s Sisters offers the women a gathering place to feel safe and to find a sense of […]

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Solutions to stabilizing disaffected youth

By Nancy Tannler   The League of Women’s Voters recent presentation on “Juvenile Justice/Solutions for Youth in Trouble,” made it evident that Oregon is taking the lead to find a solution on a chronic problem of our society – juvenile delinquency. Deena Corso, (Multnomah County Department of Community Justice), Margaret […]

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Weed Warriors break records

By Mary Kinnick   Friends of Mt. Tabor Park (FMTP) Weed Warrior volunteers had another banner year removing invasive plants and planting natives. In collaboration with Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R), the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) and many other organizations (Hands on Portland, SOLVE, Warner Pacific College, The Nature […]

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Challenges Facing our Seniors

By  Don MacGillivray   Every day 10,000 people in the United States turn 65 and Oregon is seeing a migration of seniors from all over the nation. 52% of seniors are economically insecure. Almost half own their own homes and many still have mortgages. Many over 65 already have chronic […]

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