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Preserving Pristine Environments

Columbia Gorge view from Dog Mountain

By Don MacGillivray   The Nature Conservancy is an organization taking climate change seriously. The Conservancy has revised its activities across 23 million acres in Oregon to ensure that priority conservation sites reflect the characteristics of the most resilient landscapes. With all their property at risk, they are rewriting their [...]

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Park Progress Made Frustrations Mount

By Midge Pierce   The progress presented by a citizen’s group that reduces damage in Mt. Tabor Park from Portland Water Bureau’s upcoming, 18-month reservoir disconnection project was almost overshadowed by angry outbursts when Commissioners Nick Fish and Amanda Fritz left a June 11 informational meeting before answering audience questions. [...]

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Bee Thinking: hives, honey and mead

Matt and Jill Reed

By J. Michael Kearsey   In anticipation of a Scandinavian-themed Christmas dinner last year, we stopped by the Mead Market to find the honey wine drink of old Europe. We found so much more. Tucked behind Castagna on Hawthorne Blvd. is an innovative company providing the tools of the trade [...]

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North Tabor

By Dana Savole     All are welcome at the next North Tabor Neighborhood board meeting Tuesday, July 15, 5600 NE Glisan from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. We will be having a presentation from the City on upcoming sewer repairs, receiving updates on land use/transportation issues and brainstorming further community [...]

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Patient Physician Cooperative

By Nancy Tannler   In 2011 the Patient/Physician Cooperative (PPC), was founded in Portland by citizens and volunteers  interested in making a positive impact on the health of the uninsured in Oregon. The PPC provides people direct access to basic healthcare needs and routine checkups at an affordable rate. The [...]

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Wellness Word July 14

Editor’s note: Wellness Word is an informational column which is not meant to replace a health care professional’s diagnosis, treatment or medication.   Should Selenium Supplementation Be Avoided?   By Hari Dass Khalsa, DC   Selenium is a trace mineral essential to good health but necessary only in small amounts.  [...]

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By  Heather Waisanen   We have a new board after our May meeting.  Welcome to our new members and thank you to our returning ones. Thanks also to our outgoing members for all their work over the years.  Congratulations to Kerns resident and Sustainability chair, Sean Brandon.  He won the [...]

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By Susan Lindsay   The BCA welcomes new and re-elected Board members!! Nathan Howard, Anthony Buczek, Lake McTighe, Lauren Creany and Greg Mouillet were all elected or reelected for new two year terms. With our staggered Board terms, Susan Lindsay, Adam Zucker, Matt Kirkpatrick and Julie Handsaker are continuing. Goat [...]

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When Worship Withers

By Midge Pierce   Churches in SE Portland are developing creative ways to keep their congregations thriving. Those that work have strong community ties that encourage diversity of thought and belief and welcome everyone regardless of religious affiliation. Reverend Sara Fischer of St. David of Wales Episcopal Church at 2800 [...]

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Garden Wise July

Waterwise gardening & lawn care By: Marian Hammond   SE homeowners lose the lawn, gain beauty and livability in a waterwise garden renovation Colorful, vibrant, bountiful, inviting—and water efficient, this SE Portland garden teems with life, has year-round curb appeal, and thrives on very little water. When Karen and Mike [...]

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