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The Way We Were and What’s Next for Portland

Age distribution in Portland

By Karen Hery   Government employees and citizen groups deeply involved in the development of Portland’s Comprehensive Plan have been pouring over community statistics detailing shifts from 1980 until now for well over a year. Their goal in all that reflection on the past is to help predict and shape [...]

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PCT –the Journey is the Reward

Dirt road through the Mojave Desert that parallels the California Aqueduct, which feeds water to Los Angeles

By Sam Kellogg   Ferns and huckleberry bushes heavy with dew obscure the trail ahead. With each step forward, another waterlogged branch springs back into place behind me, splattering fat, cold droplets across my thighs and knees. Water and sweat run down my calves and into my shoes, soaking my [...]

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Scrutinizing PWB application process

OpEd by Mark Bartlett   Is the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) providing special treatment to the Portland Water Bureau (PWB) as applicant in approving the proposed work at Mt Tabor Park? To this citizen, it seems there are quite a few questionable activities that require further scrutiny in the [...]

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Citizens Advocate for Historic Mt. Tabor Park Reservoirs

By Midge Pierce   With the clock ticking on disconnecting Portland’s open air reservoirs, a procedural catch 22 may buy concerned citizens a precious few days to comment or sign an online petition advocating preservation of the historic sites. Opportunities for public input are due to expire by mid-January. Here’s [...]

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Richmond January 14

By Sean Barnett, Elisabeth Varga & Allen Field   A meeting of the board of the Richmond Neighborhood Association was held Monday, December 8, at Waverly Heights Church, 3300 SE Woodward St. Michael O’Connel requested the Board to support a petition to change the Comprehensive Plan designation on SE Caruthers [...]

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Kerns January 14

By Heather Waisanen Happy New Year! Start 2015 by getting to know neighborhood issues and meeting new people. You (residents, landowners and business owners) are invited to attend our meetings and/or bring concerns to the association. Jan. meeting is Wednesday, Jan. 21 from 6-7:30 pm at Pacific Crest Community School, NE 29th & [...]

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Proposed Megalith Apartment Riles Neighbors

By Midge Pierce   It has become a familiar refrain: We’re losing what makes Portland, Portland. Mature tree canopies. Affordable single-family homes for first time buyers. Classic craftsmen houses. Century-old Victorians. Privacy. Ambience. Sense of history, continuity, community. Residents mourn the loss of a quality of life compromised by projections [...]

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Belmont January 2014

BABA President: Constance Ihrke                Email: Meetings: Second Thur, 9 am Historic Belmont Firehouse, 900 SE 35th   MEMBERSHIP DRIVE FOR 2015 GOING STRONG Lots of prizes and gifts for renewing or starting a Belmont Area Business Association membership right at the [...]

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Hawthorne January 2014

HBBA Pres.: Cassie Ridgeway Meetings: Second Wed. at 8 am Fred Meyer, SE Cesar Chavez Blvd & Hawthorne 503.775.7633   Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association and its members wish you all a fantastic 2015. We celebrate businesses which have been on Hawthorne for many years and also businesses that [...]

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Division / Clinton January 2014

DCBA Pres.: Todd Cleek email Meetings: 3rd Tuesday OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond  7:30 am  3930 SE Division   What a wonderful season we had on Division and Clinton. The streets were bustling with folks who had not been introduced to the new Division, and we hope they [...]

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